I'm a Fireman's Wife

I'm a fireman's wife,
and I'm proud of it, too,
cause there's many good things,
that firemen do.
The lives that they save
in just one short year,
brings joy to the hearts
of everyone near,
and it's not hard to know
why a fireman's wife
is constantly praying
for her husband's life,
and whenever I hear the siren's wail,
or the clang of the fire bell
I bow my head in a silent prayer,
and pray to God for the safety
of each and every one,
and an extra prayer for those fireman,
who have that special run.
It may be a car that's on fire,
or a two-bagger well on the way,
or may be a frame house that's fully involved,
or the third false alarm for the day.
But I know how I feel, as a fireman's wife,
and that is my reason for prayer,
to God for protection of all firemen,
and continual guidance and care.

Author unknown