1929 Pirsch Pumper

        The History of the Restoration of this Rig
by Bob Studer

I purchased "the Pirsch" from a restaurant owner in Cortland, OH on 
2/19/1980 for $700.  It was sitting behind the restaurant for years, and the  intent was to "scrap" it for the brass and steel.  I successfully talked him  out of that scheme and had "it" towed to my residence in Massillon, Ohio. 

I already owned a 1939 Chevy pumper that I had restored, and being a member  of the Western Reserve Fire Buffs Assn., I just could not see "it" being  scrapped.  I decided that IF I could get the engine running, which had not  run in many years, I would attempt a restoration.  After MUCH effort, I  succeeded in this, and began to "strip" the body down to the frame for  restoration. 

I did not know the history of where the Pirsch served, etc., so I contacted  Peter Pirsch & Sons Co. in Kenosha, WI. with the serial number.  They sent me  the "original" order [contract #5678] form and photos of the four (4) custom  engines that Toledo ordered on Dec. 14, 1928.  I made contact with the late  Kenneth Deck, and he informed me that , "if I ever decided to sell the  Pirsch...the Museum would consider buying it."  Apparently "it" is the only  remaining rig of the original four, and was "thrilled" at that find. 

After much labor, I decide the restoration effort would be too costly, and  contacted Kenny.  He made arrangements to purchase it for The Museum and had  it shipped in "stripped down" condition in September 1983.  The rest is  "history" from the Toledo Fire Department.

I have photos of when I purchased it and stripped it down, plus the original  "order" forms and factory photos.  If these would be of help in some  way...don't hesitate to contact me.

Delivery of 1929 Pirsch Pumper to No. 16's.
Pictured L to R: Fire Equiment Supervisor George Lectra
Toledo Mayor William T. Jackson
Toledo Fire Chief Fred J. Myers
Bob Studer