One night a Fireman dreamed a dream,
And dreaming, dreamed he died.
Then straight-away to the Pearly Gates,
His sin-stained spirit hide.
And then before the Saints he stood,
With downcast head hung low,--
"My record's pretty rank," he said,
"I guess I'm bound below.
I've smoked a lot, 
And drank a lot,--
Confess it all I must.
I've flirted some, and then besides
Great heavens, how I've cussed."
The good Saint Peter looked at him
With kindly, smiling eyes.
Then shook his head, "Don't ask,
My friend," he said.
"But let me ask some questions, sir,--
Are you a Fireman?"
The sinner bowed, then in this strain
The good old saint began.

"You've chased the hose truck many times,
You've chased it full a mile,
Amid the people's jeers
A-sounding all the while.
You've gotten up at midnight
To save someone from harm,
And then you've found as usual,
"Twas but a false alarm.
You've risked your life to fight the flames,
And gone without your meals.
You've stood in water with bum shoes
All run down at the heels.
And once a month you get your pay, 
Now tell me, is it so?"

"It is," replied the Fireman,
As he took his hat to go.
"Ah well", said good old Saint Peter,
As he opened the portals wide,
"I'm very gland to meet you, sir,
Just kindly step inside.
We'll try to make you happy here,
We'll do the best we can.
You've served your time in Hades,
For you've been a Fireman."

Sheet Music - "The Fireman's Dream"